Introducing Whatif Monster and Cordelia WiperTags!

I am just so thrilled to introduce you to my latest licensed products!

I met the owners of WiperTags in Las Vegas at the Licensing Expo and IMMEDIATELY was in love with them and their super fun and eye-catching products! They are GOOD people and their products are made in the good ol’ USA!

WiperTags make you SMILE! Attached to a rear wiper they are interchangeable, super durable and TOTALLY FUN!

(I have no rear wiper, so I am putting mine on my bumper and back window. What? I can’t play favorites, I need them BOTH!)

Look! Cordelia comes with DECALS!! Hello!! UH-DORABLE!

Use PROMO CODE WHATIF20 for 20% off if you preorder this week! They begin shipping on Monday July 11, 2016!

Scroll to the end to see a video of them in use! Buy them here!


Made in America!!


SOOO CUTE, am I right???


Whaif you have the cutest car EVER now??


They will TOTALLY bring you good luck! I SWEAR!

Look how cute they are in action???



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