Free 8×10 Prints!

Free Cordelia and Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster Prints!

I don’t ever choose the stories I tell, the stories choose me. Characters show up and whisper their stories into my ear until I can’t focus on anything else and I simply MUST stop everything and pay attention. I am a deliverer of messages.

These characters are universal souls with messages for us all – they can turn up as a little boy or girl, a little green monster, a dog, a mouse or a baby elephant pretending to be a unicorn.

That being said, I want ALL children to see themselves in my books. My character’s stories are ALL our stories. But to make sure a child can truly, TRULY see themselves in my books, I created as many versions of these prints to fit as many skin tones and hair colors as I could. (If there is a combination I have missed, please don’t hesitate to email me so I can add it in. I hope this helps children understand I speak to ALL of them.

PLEASE READ: These are FREE high resolution 8×10 prints you may download. Just click to preview, then click to view the full size print in a new window and download it.

You MAY share them, you MAY give them as gift, you MAY make them into cards to send. The few things I ask is in return, is that you do NOT sell them or use them to make money in any way (that is stealing) and if you post them anywhere online,  you link back to this page and please give me credit.

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