Storytime Live with CORDELIA!!! <3

Tonight will be all about our little red-haired girl!

Join me tonight at 7:30pm eastern time as we celebrate Cordelia arriving in homes all across the country!

We are all so much stronger and more powerful than we realize! And no one can take that away from us – Cordelia just helps remind us of that!

As always, comment on this blog post by 7:15pm for a chance to win a gift from me to you!

Click here or on the photo below at 7:30pm est to watch live!


291 thoughts on “Storytime Live with CORDELIA!!! <3

  1. I’m going to share this in my Facebook event for tonight so lots of new people can meet Cordelia!

  2. Can’t wait! We read Cordelia yesterday (again) and the boys loved it! Our plush arrives tomorrow!!! πŸ™‚

  3. Ooh, I hope my daughter and I can make it on time tonight. This sounds wonderful! πŸ™‚

  4. Oh we can’t wait to meet Cordelia!!!!
    Hope to be watching tonight with grandsons Gavin and Cooper, if not live, definately later!

  5. I’m going to try to make it right before the party I’m running tonight, but I’m also flying solo with the tot. Maybe you’ll be my virtual babysitter actually lol

  6. We can hardly wait for Storytime tonight!! Looking forward to hearing her story again (and again and again…..)

  7. We can’t wait to see what else we learn about this book, and hear you read it again! Can’t watch live, but definitely will be playing in our house tonight!

  8. We can’t wait!! Started back to school and Michael is going to do homework fast to get to story on time. πŸ™‚ love you

  9. We can’t wait!!! Heidi has been requesting to read this story daily! So proud of you and how your changing the lives of so many children!

  10. As always, you’ve created another amazing, and inspirational piece of work! I am SO in love with this story and the moral it teaches. Cordelia is just what my little girl needs, and I’m excited to watch you read it live, again!

  11. This book gave me chills all over the first time I heard it! Such an important message to teach my girls as they grow!

  12. We are looking forward to tonight to hear all about what has been going on this week and to our delivery on Friday that has our very own Cordelia!

  13. I’ve seen and heard a lot of good things about Cordelia! Would love to have one for my 4 year old to become familiar with her message. πŸ™‚

  14. Oooooo!!! Exciting!!!! Hopefully the computer will let us log on! (Veralyn, Adam, Aaron, Ethan, & Liam)

  15. We love Cordelia so much!!! I have been telling everyone about her and how all little girls need her in their lives!

  16. The Kelly gang is back!!! WiFi free summer vacation in Arkansas and Louisiana was fun, but we sure missed Me. Michelle!!!

  17. So very excited for tonight. Little man says ‘Cordelia is my favorite! But so is Bob and Whatif and JJ. I can have more than one favorite, right?’

  18. I’m so in love with Cordelia. My sons new favorite book and my new favorite book. This book needs to be in as many homes as possible. The story is beautiful and teaches such a wonderful lesson!!

  19. YAY!!!! I’m so excited to watch and have my kids meet Cordelia! What an inspirational gal πŸ™‚

  20. Just got Cordelia yesterday! We’re in love! I thought of a few girls I’ve worked with who are on the autism spectrum and how much they need to know Cordelia. 😍

  21. Our family can’t hear this story enough! We (Aubrey and Olivia) will be listening and hopefully my birthday girl Aubrey will win!

  22. This would be amazing! A few weeks nack when I wanted to give up my usborne business COMPLETELY, my Team Leader remided me about Cordelia and sent me a link to hear or story! She has been my rock ever since and hope to add her to my collection!

  23. I’m hoping that my tired kids will stay up long enough to enjoy Storytime with me tonight!!!

  24. We LOVE Cordelia!!! We ordered it the day it became available!!! I’d LOVE to win the set for my niece for Christmas!!!!

  25. George has hockey practice tonight right at 7:30, but we will be watching when we get home!

  26. I can’t wait for story time tonight!!
    oops i mean my kids* can’t wait for story time tonight πŸ˜‰

  27. I read my copy last night to my 2 girls and my youngest echoed your sentiments throughout! I am so thankful you wrote this story that empowers my daughters so much!!!

  28. Oh boy, Cordelia!! πŸ’—πŸ’— We absolutely love you and your creator!! Every time I read this story to my kids I cry! I have read it to like five people, the whole story and we all cried together…adults I should say! πŸ€—πŸ€—β€οΈπŸ˜˜

  29. OH my goodness! What a crowd! ❀️ See you tonight… We’ve missed you so!

  30. It’s Wednesday! Love seeing miss Cordelia popping up like a little magical poppy! πŸ™‚

  31. My book & doll are finally going to be arriving on Saturday! I may not get to watch live tonight, but will watch tomorrow.

  32. I can’t wait to tune in have have my kiddos listen to Cordelia! She sends such an amazing message! πŸ’—

  33. Gonna need the tissues tonight. Love this book, this super sweet girl and the lovely message it gives. So important!!!! Definitely tuning in tonight!

  34. Bryce, Brady, and I will be joining you! Just fyi, it’s my gorgeous rainbow haired bff Star Green’s birthday and her daughter lillyanne’s birthday too. I’m sure they would be thrilled to get a birthday shout out! Hint hint.

  35. I just might ( read: definitely) need Storytime live more than my girlies tonight. Nothing like a message of flying and believing in yourself from Cordelia on a day where someone has tried to push you down and box you up. You matter more than you could ever imagine, Michelle. Thank you for always sharing yourself so openly! ❀️, The Miller Girls

  36. Brianna, 3 (almost 4!) is waiting to hear your sweet girl’s story! Can’t wait to hear Cordelia!

  37. I haven’t heard of this book before but looks great! Can’t wait to introduce my kids to it.

  38. We’ve missed a lot of storytimes lately but hoping to make tonight! – Kelli, Brandon & Kayla Karau

  39. Thank you so much for stories that are fun and inspiring. I can’t wait to get a copy of Cordelia and then hand a well worn copy down to my daughter to read to her children.

  40. I am so excited! I just ordered this book for my kiddos and I cannot wait for it to get here!! This book is so neat!!

  41. I’m so happy to have found you & Usborne! Eloise and I will be watching tonight, she’s going to LOVE Cordelia. She’s only 1, almost 2. ☺️

  42. This book and the story of how she found you is nothing short of amazing. I’m so happy to have met you and listened to you read this live. Please don’t stop changing the world, one word at a time!

  43. Our daughter is eagerly awaiting the arrival of her “new best friend” in our next shipment. She’s been in love since we read the book.😍

  44. My fave quote from Cordelia.. (Well one of my faves)) – “Just because another can’t see this world like you, doesn’t make things impossible, or mean they are not true.” I love this book SO much! So inspiring! πŸ’œ

  45. We just received our ‘first’ Cordelia doll and book today in the mail!!!! We LOVE it!!!! Thank you for doing what you do and sharing it with all of us!

  46. So bummed to have missed this! (Dinner time here). I have to tell you that I made the huge mistake of ordering only one Cordelia doll. My kids CANNOT share her so I will be ordering a second!

  47. Darn I missed it! Can’t wait for my Cordelia book to come. Love the whatif monster and bob!

  48. Hi! I just got to know your books about a month ago. I’m very excited to get to read them to my daughter and my class! Hopefully we will watch your next story time!

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