Beachy, Magical BOB Storytime Live!! 7:30pm est

Can you feel it?? There is just SO MUCH MAGIC in the air!! Join me tonight for 30 minutes of sparkles, glitter, magic and BOB as we read Bob is a Unicorn!

I might even give you a sneaky peek of some ANIMATION from my Kickstarter Whatif Monster Cartoon Campaign!!! EEP!! SO EXCITING!

Join me tonight at 7:30pm!

As always, comment on this post by 7pm for a chance to win a gift from me to you!

Click here or on the photo below at 7:30pm est to watch LIVE! Can’t wait to see you! <3



72 thoughts on “Beachy, Magical BOB Storytime Live!! 7:30pm est

  1. Andrew and I will be watching tonight. I’ve been reminded SEVERAL times today that it needs to be on my calendar!

  2. I’m hoping we can make it to story time live tonight! We keep missing it! Annabel and Jacob would love it!

  3. This will be my youngest’s first story time live! I got to see you last week when she was out of town. We are so excited!

  4. I love being part of your ‘beachy’ vacation! First day of school here. Grandma will be watching at some point with Gavin and Cooper!

  5. Yay! I just did my coffee shop story hour yesterday…and it was all MNS! We read Cordelia, Johnathan James and the Whatif Monster, Bob is a Unicorn and Dog and Mouse! The kids made Whatif ears and it was a blast!

  6. I’ve been entering wrong all along! Haha! Brianna will be watching after cheer practice! Can’t wait to see a sneak!

  7. We can’t wait for story time! It’s been a rough day od dr.s & Shots so Alexis can go to school.

  8. My daughter Oleksandra and I will be watching! She has had a rough few days and is getting ready to start middle school soon. We are going to be having some much needed mommy-daughter time tonight!

  9. Summer has joined a theatre group! Unfortunately it is on Wednesday nights…tonight is the open house/orientation. So…we are sad to say we won’t be watching live, but we will watch on Thursday nights! Have a great show Michelle! Love, Summer and Peter

  10. Icy says she loves the Bob song. We were so happy to male it right at 7:30! Icy blew you a kiss godnight. Thank you for lettong us be a part of something together!

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