A Very Doggy Storytime Live! 7:30pm est

Lucy – the dog, the myth, the LEGEND! Find out how Dogs, Dogs! (and Cats, Cats!) came to be a book!

There’s a whole story behind my first two books! Tune in tonight to find out what it is! You’ll get to know my beloved Lucy Goosey Lovey Dove and hear me read Dogs, Dogs!

As always, comment on this blog post by 7pm est for a chance to win a gift from me to you!

It’s gonna be DOGGONE AWESOME!

Click here or on the photo below to watch LIVE at 7:30pm est!


32 thoughts on “A Very Doggy Storytime Live! 7:30pm est

    • Icy had her girst day at preschool! She said it was amazing except for the food. Lol. We can’t wait for story time!

  1. Gabriel and I can not wait for this! We have several dogs at our house (we have a three generation household – Nana Ann, Mommy Teresa, Uncle Bub (Uncle Seth), Aunt See See (Aunt Lacey), and brother Bubby (Isaiah). Uncle Bub is going to be moving out at the beginning of the year. Uncle Bub’s dog is a Chihuahua named Lily. Nana’s dog is a Black Lab named Ellie. Aunt See See’s dogs are a Chihuahua mix named Monk, a Miniature Dachshund named Arabella, and a rescued mutt named Daisy. Gabriel has a dog named Joe or as he calls him, “My Joe!” Joe was Daisy’s littermate and he was adopted almost exactly a year before Gabriel was born.

  2. Oh Michelle we truly can’t wait for this one! Our rescue puppies were our first babies until Heidi came along. Now Heidi adores them (maybe even more than us) and we couldn’t have asked for better “fur sisters” for her. She LOVES dogs mostly but is a total animal lover! Lucy reminds me of our Roxy!

  3. We will have to catch this one later, but one of the few words my 17 month old says is “Pup” He will love this book!
    ~Anna, Harlie, Maddy, Keegan and Richard Case

  4. We recently got Dogs, Dogs and I think it was the only book written by you that we did not have yet. 🙂

  5. We love the Monster, my son says. But I’m excited to hear Dogs, Dogs. We haven’t heard it.

  6. Christian is excited! He got to spend the weekend with 4 horses and 2 cats. Even got to ride a horse! Loves dogs the best though.

  7. The whole time you were reading Dogs, Dogs – my sweet Kennadee (1.5 years old) was so excited! She kept saying “Puppy! Puppy! Puppy!” Kaysen (3.5 years old) said “MOM!! Miss Michelle has Whatif Monster ears on!” He sleeps with his monster every night 🙂

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