Thank you.

Oh, y’all… I just want to say thank you. Thank you so much for letting me fill your FB everyday with my Kickstarter. Only 9 days left… Yippee!!

Asking for help – asking for money – is SO not my thing. I like to give far, far more.

But because I know that ultimately, this cartoon will give to so, so many children – far more than I can reach with school visits, far more than my Storytime Live, far more than even my books – I have asked. For 22 days in a row.

And lordee, it’s been so emotionally hard to ask people for money multiple times a day, every day. I think of all the other people who need help too. Then I feel guilty. So, so guilty.

Then I go back to my WHY. And I know I have to keep putting it out there.

And also? I LOVE that we are doing this TOGETHER. People from all over this country – different races, different religions, different orientations, different cultures. Oh man, talk about MAGICAL. We all need this magic these days. That, I know.

Thank you to the incredible 381 Backers who have given their hard-earned money to help make this dream a reality so far. Thank you to the ones of you planning to, but haven’t yet. You give me faith in us as a human race. I will NOT let you down.

Thank you to the hundreds of others who have shared my Kickstarter link and supported me emotionally.

You are in my heart forever and I am forever grateful.

9 more days, y’all. The #WhatifKickstarter ends Sept. 18 – on the day I leave for my first week of school visits where I will talk to a few thousand kids. I can’t think of a better way to end such an incredible journey. ❤️

And just in case you need it…

One thought on “Thank you.

  1. michelle, i want to say thank you to YOU . i have never seen my boys so excited for your live videos and your live readings. my 6 year old asks nearly everyday if there will be another book read. he gets excited for your announcements and giveaways. he asked AGAIN this morning when your cartoon will be on! lol, oh you should have seen his expression when i told him about cordelias game!! shhh…. i am ordering them the headphones for christmas yay!! see you tonight

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