The Magic of Beatrice Storytime Live! 7:30pm est

Join me tonight for a new chapter of Beatrice! Hear the latest conversation I heard between her and Cordelia!

I’ll tell you about my week, show you some art and introduce some of you who have not heard before about the magical blue whale who is telling me her story for a new chapter book!

As always, comment on my blog post this post by 7pm est for a chance to win a gift from me to YOU!  If you are a #WhatifKickstarter Backer you will have a second chance to win ANOTHER gift! Become a backer now! only 4 days left to be a part of the magic!

Click here or on the photo of Beatrice below at 7:30pm est to watch live!



43 thoughts on “The Magic of Beatrice Storytime Live! 7:30pm est

  1. Hello from vacation in Bonaire!!! We have dinner at 7 tonight, but I’m hoping to still be able to make it to storytime live with the kids tonight. This is my first time remembering to comment properly to enter for storytime. Yay!!! Hope I did it right 🙂

  2. As always, Emily & I will make every effort to tune-in. School is VERY tough for her this year and she’s ready for bed most days by 6:30! We love you, Miss Michelle.

  3. Icy has been patiently waiting all week for story time live. Every night she says “is it Wednesday?”. You just don’t even know how much these kids love you!

  4. Yay! We will be there, Miss Michelle. Christian has been looking forward to meeting Beatrice. He’s also been reading Jonathan James again…he loves his WhatIfMonster! So proud of him, too. He just turned 6 in June and just tested as reading at a 4th grade level! WooHoo! My smart little dude! Thank you, Miss Michelle, for encouraging and inspiring these children to pick up a book and explore.

  5. We will have to catch the replay this week, but are so excited to hear more Beatrice! <3, Tiffany, Maleah, & Tristyn

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