Whatif Storytime Live at 7:30pm est! 

Join me for Storytime Live with the Whatif Monster at 7:30pm tonight! 
I’ve been in the wonderful town of Seymour, Indiana and the awesome kids at St. Ambrose picked Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster to be the story tonight!

As always comment on this blog by 7pm to win a gift from me to you! 

Click here at 7:30pm to watch live!

35 thoughts on “Whatif Storytime Live at 7:30pm est! 

  1. The kids at St. Ambrose chose the right book! It’s our favorite. Jonathan, Natalie and I will be there tonight. Thanks!

  2. Icy has been having problem sleeping. I just said to Danielle how we needed to read Whatif and talk about why she is not sleeping. I think you read my mind Michelle!

  3. It is a great night for a story!! Rainy….pj’s…snuggled in bed with a cup of hot cocoa…..with marshmellows!! I am ready <3

  4. Thank you so much for coming to Brush Creek Elementary in North Vernon today. My fourth grade class truly enjoyed your visit and can’t stop talking about your books and meeting you.

  5. I thought yesterday was Wednesday. I looked for the blog post and almost asked you if you were skipping live stream! Lol good thing I got my days straight lol… well be watching !hope your having a good trip

  6. Wow. Aaron saw his first plush Whatif Monster yesterday and completely fell in love. I think he’s really going to love story time tonight! He keeps asking me if he can have Bob (plush) for his birthday, in 16 days. It’s killing me because Bob is sitting up in my room in a box already! 😀

  7. Yay for Storytime Live! We cannot wait to hear our favorite book. ❤️, Tiffany, Maleah, Tristyn & big sis, Bre

  8. Andrew’s picked JJWIF book and plush to go in the duffle bags for children taken from their homes in the book drive we’re doing this week. Thank you so much for inspiring him!

  9. Yes, we’re back! Summer’s Wed night theatre class is over! It was a blast and she did great in her play, but we missed you. See you in a bit!
    Love, Summer and Peter

  10. Hi Miss Michelle,
    We’ll miss you tonight! We have A LOT going on with our extended family health wise!!! We love you and as always, send our love from NH!

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