Happy 2017! You GOT this!

It’s a new year with 365 (well, this post is 3 days late so 362) new chances to be who YOU WANT TO BE.

And because Mouse wants you to know she has your back on this, I am giving away a FREE high resolution print. Click on the image below or this link and download the image file. https://whatifmonsters.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/mousethinksyourstrong8x10_2-free.jpg

Print it out on 8.5×11 paper and then cut along the thin black lines. It will then fit perfectly in any standard 8×10 frame. Hang it where you can see it EVERY DARN DAY. You got this! I think so and so does Mouse. (Isn’t she such a dear? I love her so.)

Feel free to share. <3


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