Children light up my whole life.

I am so grateful every single day that I get to live this amazing magical life. But I make sure that the children I talk to understand it didn’t happen by luck or magic. I worked very, very hard (and still do) creating a life I love waking up to every day. I want the children I talk with to understand they are in charge. They get to choose what they want in life. They are the creators of their lives. And when you wake up and even on the messy days, on the hard days, on the days you’ve made a mistake so big you’re not sure how you’re going to fix it – if on THOSE days, you still LOVE who you are in this world and the life YOU are creating? THAT is a magical live.

A reporter, Audrey Thomasson,  came to a school I was visiting and wrote an absolutely lovely article for the local paper, the Rappahannock Record while I was being hosted by Emily Griffin, a consultant for my publisher, Usborne Books and More in Kilmarnock, Virginia. I loved her article and love the photo she chose even more – right there? That’s my magical life in that photo! Click article to see a bigger version to read.



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