Storytime Live with Dogs, Dogs!

Going old school tonight! Join me at 7:30pm eastern for Storytime Live with Dogs, Dogs! on my Facebook Author Page!

And tonight’s gifts?? Gonna be FANTASTICAL! To celebrate my new partnership with the amazing company, Inktastic and the incredible store they created for me here, I am letting 5 winners pick any item they want from my new apparel store! PEOPLE! They have baby onesies! With TUTUS! This is not a drill! I repeat, BABY ONESIES WITH TUTUS!!

Click here for a chance to win

See y’all at 7:30pm eastern!


FREE Art Print!!! George is getting his snorkle on.

Y’all, I haven’t given anything away in a minute! I have not had Storytime Live gifts in TWO WEEKS!  NOT. OKAY. Dang packing and moving getting in my way!

So to celebrate my move to Florida and to keep me motivated as I pack my zillionth box, I am giving away a print of George at the Beach!

Just click on the image below, download the high resolution print, and print it out! It’s an 8×10 print, so I suggest you print it out on 8.5×11 paper and choose the ‘print with crop marks’ setting to know where to cut it down so it fits in any standard 8×10 frame.



Gettin’ My Snorkle On