Help One of Our Young Real Life SUPERHEROES! 3-Day Flash Sale!!


3-Day Flash Cordelia, JJ and Whatif Monster Superhero Sale! I’m using my Etsy shop because I wanted to offer canvas reproductions and digital downloads as a way to donate and still get something for those on a tighter budget.

DETAILS ABOUT THE SALE: I’m selling limited edition digital prints to download as well as canvas reproductions. 100% of profits are going to go to Lexi and her family to help with medical expenses. I’m charging only my production costs and shipping costs and $10 that will ALL go to Lexi. The sale will run for a limited time this week. I will not be making a single penny off of any of this project at all. 

If you are so inclined and can, please buy something for you or the real life superhero in your life! Thank you for your gracious support! 


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Here is the original story about how this happened:

A few weeks ago, Linda Moulton tagged me in a post about an awesome kid named Lexi and how they had raised $3000 for Lexi’s Library in the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Lexi then decided to dedicate $1000 of it to buy Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster and plush monsters because she felt like it would especially help the kids there like her – children fighting literally for their lives.

Well, of course I was so touched at this kid who was sick and thinking of OTHERS, but then I read all about Lexi and how she has been FIGHTING LIKE A SUPER HERO for the past year from a Stage 4 B Lymphoblastic Lymphoma diagnosis last July. Click here to see her Facebook page. 

Then I found out that Lexi is super inspired by Wonder Woman – because of course real life super heroes love other super heroes, right??

Then, I contacted Linda Moulton and Lexi’s mother Janine Romano and asked if I could come up to meet Lexi. I am going up this week to meet this awesome kid and her family!! I am SO EXCITED!!

In the meantime, Lexi totally inspired me to create new art with my little flying girl, Cordelia!! Then I decided Jonathan James needed in on the action for all our HEROIC BOYS too!


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