Free Beatrice Plushie Pattern!

BeatriceCordiOkay y’all, you ASKED and you SHALL RECEIVE! I made 5 Beatrice plushies for this past week’s Storytime Live to give away as gifts. I know many people wanted to win, but I only made 5. And because I am an artist and writer, I don’t make these and sell them – that’s not my job! BUT!!! I can could make a pattern for YOU to make YOUR own!

I do ask a few things since I am giving this pattern away for FREE:

  • Do not make these and sell them, please.
  • Do not copy my pattern and sell it as your own, please.
  • DO give me credit if you share the pattern by linking back to me on Faceook or my website, please.
  • DO share photos of your Beatrice with me, please!
  • DO make them and give them as gifts, please!
  • OH!! Do NOT be a GRAMMAR NAZI and point out a typo on this pattern – I made it fast and I checked it, but I MAY have missed something. Just chill and overlook it, m’kay? Please remember, it is FREE and when you correct people’s typos or grammar? NO ONE LIKES IT. Shush, stop doing that to people. Keep your MAD EDITING SKILLZ to yourself, please and thank you.

Click here or on the image below to download a multipage PDF of the Beatrice Pattern!


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