Would you like information about school visits or having me speak at one of your events? Or maybe just want to say hello? I’d love to hear from you!

I have found out that about half of my contact emails generated from the form were going to spam or junk folders. I am not trying to catch up on those emails. If you had written me and I never responded – I promise I was NOT being rude! I am so sorry!

Please contact me here and I will get it right away: Thank you! whatifmonster @

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  1. You have been to my school Alford Elementary and i just wanted to say you are a really good artist. Bye.

  2. Hi Michelle! We will try really hard to see you tonight! This time change is kicking our tails, Austin is out like a light by 7:30 since Sunday night!

  3. Hi! My hubby Chris Simon charge tonight , I have a PTA meeting to go to. I forgot to tell you I am chairman of cultural arts committee on purpose to figure out how to get you here for an authors visit. You still aren’t on Howard County’s “list” but I’m working on it!!!!!!!!!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Michelle! The boys were bummed to miss last week but Austin got elected in a reflections ceremony for his artwork😝. He was more embarrassed than excited and he didn’t win but we should be with you tonight! Hugs!

  5. Sent address for Evelyn and Eriana’s whatifbag that they won in story time tonight to the whatifmonster@gmail address. Hope you get it.

  6. Hi, Michele! I would love to schedule some school visits in southern Indiana for the next school year. You came to five of our schools three years ago with Jan Thayer, but so many kids here missed your wonderful message! Please let me know when you would have some time to visit us!

  7. Hi Michelle,

    My daughter cam home from school today and told me all about your visit! She was very moved by your story, as she is an aspiring little artist as well.

    She loved your paintings of pets and said she wanted to have you paint our pets! I hope your craft continues to fulfill your life. Thank you for sharing your passion with students!

    Angela Jensen

  8. I ordered two autographed books from you through my son’s school and wrote specifically on the order form not to personalize because they are gifts for family members for Christmas. The books I received, however, have my son’s name in them. They are great books, and I was really looking forward to giving them so gifts. Is there any way I can get them replaced?


    • Hi Kristin,

      I’m so sorry about that! What books are they and what school/state? I should be able to get this fixed for you right away! Can you respond to this via email? Please email me at and I’ll get you all taken care of ASAP! So sorry for my mix up!


      • Thank you so much! We love your books, and I’m so excited to be able to give these as very special gifts.

  9. Thank you for visiting Tryon Elementary School. I loved that all the characters believed in themselves. I can’t wait to get my book about Dog and Mouse. I hope you can visit again.

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